„Newspaper and Bible“ - Confessing Christ in Europe today

25.-27. Oktober 2019 | Budapest, Ungarn

European Consultation

Newspaper and Bible – Confessing Christ in Europe Today

Karl Barth's theology is one of the most widely known and strongly cross-culturally received theological concept of the twentieth century in Europe. In 2019, in the anniversary year of his groundbreaking commentary on the Romans, we are experiencing serious political challenges in Europe that have an impact on the communion of reformed churches. Religious keywords such as "the Christian Occident" are brought into the political discussion and challenge the churches to find a standpoint .100 years ago, after the experience of the first World War it was a terrible horror that led Barth to a clear "No!" repelling the war theology of his academic teachers. Thus, the self-evident arrangement between Western European Christian-Christian culture and protestant theology proved to be the fictile building that it was from the beginning. Even today Karl Barth’s theological approach is groundbreaking.

The European Consultation "Newspaper and Bible" focuses on Karl Barth's theology, in which the political is always an important element of every theological endeavor and judgment. Every theological interpretation of the Word of God always has a political side. It claims to be public because it addresses the people within their living conditions in society.

“Take your Bible and take your newspaper, and read both. But interpret newspapers from your Bible.”

His theology challenges us today! During this conference we will discuss the momentum of Karl Barth’s Christological focus for the life of the reformed churches in Europe. Theological keynotes from Hungary and Great Britain are accompanied by case studies, which highlight the current political situation from different European countries. The study of Karl Barth and his theological thinking encourages Christians to take up their responsibility for European society and to make their voices heard.